How much?

Well, it depends...

Many tailors don't list their prices, maybe they think that if you have to ask, you shouldn't be in their shop. The reality is that the price you pay for one of our bespoke garments depends - mainly on the cloth.

We list the starting point for our fabrics and most of the over 2000 cloths that we stock are within ~£500 of these prices. We are very happy to talk you through all the options and find a fabric that is suitable for you.

The price is the same for any size of garment and the price doesn't change on the style - eg single or double breasted, peak or notch lapels etc. Some sorts of coats (eg a Greatcoat) have much more detailing on them that means they take much more time to make, so they cost a bit more too.

It takes over 30 hours to make one of our bespoke suits. Find out more about the process here.

Our garments are handmade in the City of London, all to the same exacting bespoke standard with a full floating canvas. They are also more affordable than you might imagine. With care, one of our suits could last 10 years or more. The price doesn't seem so high when it's divided by 120 months.

If there's anything else you need to know, check our FAQ's page or get in touch.

Our pricelist


  • Bespoke two piece suitsfrom £1,350
  • Bespoke three piece suitsfrom £1,650
  • Bespoke two piece suit + extra trousersfrom £1,710


  • Bespoke tweed jacketsfrom £1,050
  • Bespoke linen jacketsfrom £1,050


  • Bespoke overcoat (1)Sfrom £1,325
  • Bespoke overcoatsfrom £1,325


  • Bespoke chinosfrom £360
  • Bespoke flannel trousersfrom £395

Formal Wear

  • Bespoke dinner jacketsfrom £1,150
  • Bespoke two piece dinner suitsfrom £1,595
  • Bespoke three piece dinner suitsfrom £1,900
  • Bespoke morning suitsfrom £2,025

Casual Wear

  • Bespoke travel jacketsfrom £1,050

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