The bespoke process

It takes a while, and a few steps before one of our handmade garments is ready for you to collect. Here's a guide to help you know what to expect.


Commissioning a garment

We talk you through all the options for your garment and you'll pick out a cloth that's just right. We will also take your measurements and assess your figuration.

Drafting your pattern

Dan, our cutter will draft a paper pattern bespoke for you from scratch. This will stay with us and be used for every garment we make for you.

Cutting your garment

The paper pattern that was created for you will be transferred onto the cloth and cut by Dan. This is where the magic happens and is the most important step

Basted fitting

We put together a rough fitting of the garment called the "baste" (to rhyme with paste) and get you to try it on. This fitting is more for us than for you - we use to to assess the fit. It's not so much for the finer style details.

Final fitting

The basted garment is completely taken apart and all the modifications are made by the cutter. Then the garment is sent to our coat maker to be 'made up'. It's now ready for a final fitting. Here we can check the details of the fit and make any changes to the style you might request. Often, the garment is ready to take home.


Your bespoke handmade garment is finished and is ready to collect. You can wear it home if you like, we won't judge.

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