Bespoke tailoring

Hand made in the City of London

Bespoke tailoring is what we are all about. It's a craft that takes years to master – and combined we have well over 100 years of experience.

Many proclaim to be bespoke in name, but we are the real deal. You may freely take a look around our business if you are in any doubt.

We believe that a garment can only truly be called bespoke when it's created from a paper pattern that’s been drafted individually using your measurements and figurations.

The bespoke process is a fine tradition and one we take seriously.

All our suits, jackets, overcoats and the rest are bespoke. We don't to made to measure. It’s bespoke from start to finish at MacAngus & Wainwright.

How much? Well, it depends. Read more about our pricing.

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. It's not just about taking details with a tape measure. We take notes on how you stand and how you move, as well as understanding what you want to use the garments for. These subtle details require many years of tailoring experience to aquire.

Getting the measure of you requires more than just a tape!

cutting a bespoke jacket

cutting a bespoke jacket

All garments are cut, basted, fitted and recut on site here in the City of London, and not in an anonymous workshop. Like we said, the old ways are often the best ways. There's nothing better than one of our garments as our clients will testify. We source the finest cloths from the best mills across the UK, Italy and beyond.

You can find out more about the bespoke process here.

Our pricelist


  • Bespoke two piece suitsfrom £1,350
  • Bespoke three piece suitsfrom £1,650
  • Bespoke two piece suit + extra trousersfrom £1,710


  • Bespoke tweed jacketsfrom £1,050
  • Bespoke linen jacketsfrom £1,050


  • Bespoke overcoat (1)Sfrom £1,325
  • Bespoke overcoatsfrom £1,325


  • Bespoke chinosfrom £360
  • Bespoke flannel trousersfrom £395

Formal Wear

  • Bespoke dinner jacketsfrom £1,150
  • Bespoke two piece dinner suitsfrom £1,595
  • Bespoke three piece dinner suitsfrom £1,900
  • Bespoke morning suitsfrom £2,025

Casual Wear

  • Bespoke travel jacketsfrom £1,050

Other services

Womens tailoring

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